A Thursday Reflection – 7.16.15

The  2015 General Convention

Again – just a wee bit more background.  Every “resolution” (and there were over 300 of them) is produced either by a report from a group or a request from an individual of our church. One can often deduce much “backstory” simply knowing from where a particular resolution came.  There are letter prefixes that reveal this.  An “A” resolution comes from any Commission, Committee, Agency or Board of this Church.  A “B” resolution was proposed by a Bishop.  A “C” resolution originated in a diocese (probably from that Diocese’s own annual convention) and a “D” resolution was proposed by an individual who was not a Bishop.  So remember, these are not grades.  They are merely designation markers.

Next week, I am going to bring up specific resolutions.  Some of them were passed and have now become mandates for the life of the Episcopal Church.  Some failed.  Most have to do with the internal life of the church.  Some are political or moral statements regarding issues going on in our country or in the world.

But keep this in mind:  When a resolution passes, though a program or project may be needed, wanted or even necessary, if such a project is not covered in the church’s budget (and the Episcopal Church must have a balanced budget – by canon law) then the resolution, although passed, may simply have the force of a moral statement but can’t be carried out.  The Episcopal Church in its national structures lives by the mandate that you cannot spend what you do not have.

Next week…   Internal Church changes!!!!