A Thursday Reflection – 7.2.15

Now that summer has come, this church complex will often echo “the Sounds of Silence.”   Most of us will get away at some point this summer – hopefully to become refreshed in body, mind and spirit. It is just quieter here. Even the traffic from Rt. 35, which can be heard when the windows of my office are open, seems less frequent and frenetic.

Might I offer a suggestion: use some of this summer time for your own spiritual health. Turn off your phones, radios, iPads, and TVs for a small portion each day. None of us are THAT important that the world needs to have us 24/7. Take some time – outdoors if you can – and just be quiet. Take some time to think about who you are and where God is calling you to go and to be. Take a few moments for meditation. Take some time and DO NOTHING!

Also be loving! Allow your spouse to have that quiet: take on his or her role of chauffer, chef and community organizer for a time.   Summer gives us “time” to refresh. Don’t waste it!   We’ll see you at Holy Eucharist each weekend. Enjoy your time.