A Thursday Reflection 7.21.16

When I took on this reflection ministry, I had (foolishly) believed that I could create / compose four or five themes at a clip and have such reflections written weeks (even months) ahead of time!  The murderous events of the past weeks have proven how foolish such an assumption was.  God changes our agendas, and God is in charge, not me!

We’ve been called as a parish to witness to the persons, presence and power of God in a world that is more and more soaked in blood, sinking into narcissism, and preaching alienation and division.  All the world is “us vs. them” (just pick and choose your category du jour regarding who “them” is)!  The Triune God calls the communities of Jesus (which we call “churches”) to witness and in day to day life as followers of “the Way” (as we Christians were initially called).  Our parish has a purpose only if it stands against the priorities of what has become a “culture of death” and stands for the Way of Christ.

Budgets, committees, task forces, programs, schedules and classes are all important.  We need them to do our work which is Christ’s work.  We need to follow through on our commitments.  But most of all, we who have been redeemed by the death and resurrection of Jesus have to think, breathe, eat, spend, teach, nurture, believe and love according to HIS WAY – or we aren’t being what a disciple should be and do.  Every morning, when I witness yet another atrocity via news media and see how the Evil One stokes (or inculcates) the power of fear and violence, I must firmly commit myself, as a member of this local church, to live differently and allow Christ’s reconciling love to create in me a sign of His salvation.  We all must do so.  The world needs to see us do so.  Our nation needs to see us do so.  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit have called and empowered us to do so.   That is our purpose.  Lewisboro needs to hear our voices.  That’s why God has put us here.