A Thursday Reflection 7.7.16

I think you will agree that the last two weeks’ reflections have been rather intense.  So let’s lighten the mood a bit while still reflecting on matters of importance.

The July 4th evening was LOUD with private fireworks in the neighborhood going until well past darkness.  Having a small dog terrified of thunder and fireworks which, I suspect, she hears as gunshots (memories of her roaming the streets in S. Carolina when she was deemed a thrown away piece of garbage), she barks, growls, whines and shakes in fear.  Lessons to be learned:  Possession of stuff for fun is not a bad thing of itself.  (Are fireworks still illegal in New York?  Used to be, but I am uncertain!)   Still, just because one can do something doesn’t mean one should.  Having power without taking into consideration other members of a community is not a sign of strength but of unchecked narcissism.

Compassion comes in many forms: Last night I observed my beautiful JoAnne just lying on the bed and virtually shielding Abby from the noises with her body as she covered, petted, and whispered to her in the hopes of calming her “puppy’s” poor frightened soul.  Lesson learned: Compassion is often best given to those who cannot offer it back or those who may be helpless.  You might want to pre-read this coming Sunday’s Gospel, euphemistically called “The Parable of the Good Samaritan.”

This morning, of course, life returned to “normal.”  Abby is about running and playing and eating (and being sneaky about it) and bringing joy to self and others.  Lesson learned:  In the end, remaining a victim of other’s actions always gives them the victory.  Where one can let go of the hurt and live in the moment, life becomes joy filled again.

Humanity put Jesus on the cross and took his life.  But the Father would not allow the Son to remain a victim of other’s injustice and cruelty.  Jesus lets go of death itself, and we are offered redemption in and through His resurrection.  Lesson learned:  Well – I hope you get the point.   The good that is done for others will always return to you.  Be a blessing for others.