A Thursday Reflection – 8.13.15

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Mt. 6:21)

I thought that for this week I would share with you some of the financial priorities of the Episcopal Church for the next three years – as determined by General Convention. (You want to see what a person believes or holds dear, watch where he or she spends money.) Here is a brief snapshot of some church expenses.

    • The Total Budget for the Episcopal Church, USA for 2016-2019 will be $125,083,185.
    • $750,000 for digital evangelism added to communications ministry
    • $1,100,000 to fund the remaining two Standing Commissions and their work
    • $1,200,000 to be contributed to the Anglican Communion Office
    • $300,000 for training in the new disciplinary process for clergy (mis)behavior
    • $1,500,000 for block grants to the Dioceses of Alaska, Navajoland, North Dakota and South Dakota to enhance ministry to Native Peoples
    • $2,000,000 initiative on racial justice and reconciliation
    • $6,500,000 to be directed to Latino-Hispanic initiatives and church planting
    • Don’t forget that the salary of the Presiding Bishop and Staff of the National Church Office is all funded from this budget. What is now on the table for discussion is the possibility of funding a salaried position for the President of the House of Deputies. Up until this time (1789-2015), this has been a priest or lay person who has had much responsibility that is similar to that of a Presiding Bishop (in terms of membership on Councils and power of Appointments). This has never been a salaried position. The downside of that is no one can take on all the travel commitments and time required unless he or she is both retired and wealthy. So your pool of qualified persons is very limited. This is now under study for the next General Convention.