A Thursday Reflection – 8.20.15

For the last several weeks, I have taken “time off” from personal reflections and elevated this spot for some teaching about the workings of the Episcopal Church in light of its legislative General Convention that took place in late June.  Teaching time is over; life moves on.

September breathes new life into parish structures and rhythms.  Summer has been a time to rest – to be reborn and to anticipate the coming months.  College age parishioners are moving on (or back) to university life.  New people are stepping into parish leadership and teaching roles.  We hope and pray for new persons to join us as a parish.  We know of one beautiful little lady (Christina) who will be baptized in November.

Finances are improving but we’re a long way from the (20)17 by which we will be strong!  This year will bring a new group of teenagers who will be asked to reaffirm who they are as baptized Christians.  A new music director lies just beyond the horizon of winter.  This year I hope to bring more speakers to the parish (yes:  people who owe me favors and I always collect!)    This should be another busy and spiritually uplifting year.