A Thursday Reflection 9.10.15

I watched the true and aspiring athletes “run the race” at the Biathlon on Labor Day.  In the heat of the morning, time became a serious point for reflection.  Runners were competing against time.  I, on the other hand, suddenly discovered that I had somehow damaged my phone and had no idea when I would be communicating with others again, or what time it was (who wears a watch?) – until I find the time to get a new phone (one that is smarter than its owner).

If the Christian journey is truly a race to a heavenly goal during the time we have here on earth, then perhaps we need reminders about how our time is used.  When will it be time to start having really authentic conversations about racial justice and anger that every community in this nation needs to have (yes, even in upper Westchester County!).  When will we find the time to deal with issues of moral conscience, political correctness, or self-authenticity without wasting time condemning those with whom we disagree?   When will the time finally come when all will know they are welcomed into God’s family, and that, also, being a family member brings with it a commitment to justice and charity in Christ’s name that goes beyond feeling warm and fuzzy or being tolerant or living in denial?

Isn’t it about time we all get serious about being a follower of Jesus?