A Thursday Reflection – 9.17.15

Can we title this reflection: “I wonder where Christ may be leading us?”

The Carpenter’s Kids Program has come to an end.  We no longer will be supporting that “organization” for a great reason:  better treatment of AIDS and safer sexual practices have led to the end of a crisis in Africa where generations of adults were dying off and leaving their children at the mercy of the whims of charity.  Families are now surviving (even if HIV positive) and even the original generation of “Carpenter’s Kids” has now reached University age.  They have lived to become adults because of us.  God be praised.

So now what?  “To those who have been given much, much is expected” – Jesus taught!  There are truly so many severe human crises going on in this sad sin-saturated world of ours.  You watch TV.  You see them: mass migrations of refugees in numbers not seen since the devastation of World War II.  More hidden: the victims of tragedy and war in Africa or the hopeless cultures of urban poor in America.

As a parish, we have done one work very well.  So now what?  What is the Lord calling us to do?