A Thursday Reflection – 9.24.15

As you all know (and the commuters on Thursday / Friday will certainly know this because travel into and within NYC will be a nightmare), Pope Francis is in the USA to speak to the United Nations and to make a pastoral visit to the members of the Roman Catholic Communion in NY, Philadelphia and Washington.  He will bring a message that the news media is amazingly discovering as one of a call to love and serve the poor – that to be a Christian is to be a servant.

No offense to those in the media, but news flash: this message has always been at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus.  “The Son of Man has come, not to be served but to serve.”  Service to others is the heart of the Christian message.   I believe God is calling this parish to something special in terms of service to the “underclass” of our culture.  I have heard a number of suggestions about what we should be doing now that the Carpenter’s Kids Program is over.  Stay tuned: I believe the Lord is about to call us to be more and to love more than you can imagine!