A Thursday Reflection 9.29.16

A little Border Collie owns me (truth be told), and she is the epitome of enthusiasm!  Early Sunday morning, a slip of the wrist with a jerk too soon, and a container of cottage cheese vaulted in a two and a half double hitch dive from the counter on to the floor – of course spilling its contents.  With her hyper sensitive nose, a forever appetite, with her computer like reasoning abilities (“hmmm, dairy, creamy, good for me, taste great, on the floor, mine..”) and with speed to leave lightning eating her dust, Abby zig zags across the room and consumes the splattered contents from the floor with her ever so cute “who me” and her “you would have thrown it out anyway” looks!  Dogs exude enthusiasm – for good or for naughty!

The scripture reading two weeks ago was a troubling one.  Jesus uses the example of someone totally corrupt and dishonest (no, he wasn’t making a statement about some politicians!) but who has such enthusiasm about what he does, that he accomplishes ever so much (for good and ill).  The point Jesus teaches, as I explained in my sermon, is NOT that we should live sleazy lives and do “whatever it takes” to get away with what we want.  The point is about enthusiasm. Would that we, as His sisters and brothers, had the same drive, speed, enjoyment, interest, concern and heated passion for doing good as the evil ones of this world have for doing what they do!  Coming together as a community to praise God, listen to God’s word, take home some important message that feeds your soul, and then live into your calling to “love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself” should not be a burden or just one more task to do.  We should have a joyful enthusiasm about what we are and what we do as members of the Jesus Movement!   Shouldn’t we?  Why don’t we?