Episcopal Worship

Reverent, enthusiastic and prayerful worship is one of the strengths of the Episcopal Church. We strive to discern and live by the message of Christ. Walking a middle way  between Roman Catholicism and more radical Protestant traditions, we are a sacramental  and worship-oriented community that promotes thoughtful reflection about how God is  calling us to live and act as baptized believers in Jesus Christ.

churchOur worship is centered on the Book of Common Prayer. The celebration of Holy Eucharist  (also called “the mass,” “the divine liturgy” and “Holy Communion Service” in this and other  Christian traditions) is our regular Saturday evening and Sunday morning worship service. We also occasionally pray as a community either Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer.

Holy Baptism is the sacramental means by which a person enters the Christian community, is freed from sin, incorporated into Jesus Christ and is “marked as Christ’s own forever.”

Holy Confirmation marks that moment when one (usually a person of high school age) takes ownership of his or her Baptismal Vows and makes a more mature commitment to the Lord.

The best way to learn about the Episcopal Church is to “come and see” as Jesus once said. Visitors are warmly invited to attend a liturgy at St. John’s or St. Paul’s to experience the unique combination of spirituality and community that the Episcopal Church offers.

For more information, the following links provide a wealth of information about the Episcopal Diocese of New York and about the work of the Episcopal Church in the United States and the world.

www.dioceseny.org | www.episcopalchurch.org