Thursday Reflection 1.31.19

Thursday Reflection
Thursday, January 31, 2019
“What is God Calling me to do?”
  Even though the 2 year old Program does not meet in the church office today and this should be (in theory) a “quiet” day, I am struck by the amount of noise and “anticipation”: that is in the air.
           A quiet day without little ones on the other side of the wall means that I can bring Abby to the office where her biologically driven instinct (to both protect and round up in a circle) the toddlers won’t have to kick in. We can have some quiet time. But I let her play and run about madly in the hour before anyone arrived on this property, and so now she is exhausted, sleeping on the rug, and snoring so loudly that I might consider using earplugs.
           However, the reverberating crunches of tree cutting / trimming going on in the area are semi-deafening as well. All this in anticipation for another winter storm we’ve been promised for later.
           But this is mere background noise compared to the chatter of semi-frozen moms standing in the parking lot having dropped off their 3 and 4 year olds at the ELC and are now anticipating (loudly enough to be hear in my office over the tree cutting and the dog snoring) the upcoming storm and all their relative “alternate plan B’s” for the rest of the day.
           Add a truck engine of the vehicle picking up clothing from the clothing bin and a sprinkling of horns honking (someone on Rt. 35 must not be turning on to Spring St. rapidly enough), and so called “life in the country” can clearly hold its own against any urban racket assaulting the ears.
           To be honest, I think we have become a culture that worships noise. Talk Radio can generate neither income nor ratings unless there is mutual antagonism and shouting over the airwaves. A Championship Football game will be played on Sunday, but one would think that civilization as we know it will depend on its outcome – so much is the hype and the boasts and the wishing of evil unto mine enemies! (which for any New Yorker, I guess that means any team in any sport that calls New England its home base!). I have watched with fascination how reporters / journalists (allegedly professional listeners and learners) shout over each other and keep re-asking the same questions because they aren’t paying attention to what has been said – they seem only interested in formulating their own noise!
           Speaking as one who owns more than his fair share of guilt in this matter, I hope (another New Year’s resolution – perhaps) we might learn to take time to find some QUIET so that heads can be cleared, eyes can be opened, and we can be insulated (for a moment at least) from all the noise about us. Maybe when there is some quiet, then some listening to what really matters might start taking place. Maybe people can then begin to talk rather than text each other as their primary means of communication because this speech (and sound) is important. And maybe we all can learn to not be so afraid of the silence. Helps with thinking (rather than emoting – and that has got to be a good thing.  Now will someone please wake up this dog before her snoring shatters a window!!!!!!!
Fr. Joe