Thursday Reflection 12.20.18

Thursday Reflection
“What is God Calling Me to Do”
December 22, 2018
         So there are the still very dark mornings that Abby and I go for her walks. When we hit the ground running neither the sun (nor God, I have been told) has yet risen!
We have these wonderful theological conversations and/or arguments day after day. This morning she complained (again) that your typical Christmas Crèche does not show a border collie present somewhere between Mary and the shepherds – perhaps – when obviously there had to have been one there. Who else was going to organize these stupid humans who create a housing shortage due to tax registration demands?
Abby asked me why we seem to love to sing Silent Night when our lives are so full of noise most of the time. We don’t act as though we mean it. And what’s with the candles in churches during the hymn? Better your LIFE is a light to shine in the darkness than some church candles that flicker for three minutes or so and make everyone “feel good”. Feeling good about oneself isn’t going to bring about either justice or peace.  Living and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus will!
Abby loves Christmas – not because of holiday festivities. In fact that’s the part she grumbles about as her priest parents are usually doing extra parish work in the weeks preceding that take time away from her. But she told me that observing us all trying to be a bit kinder, trying to reach out to those who have so much less than we, and trying to find a quiet space for God so that “thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as in heaven” aren’t just words on our church wall but a battle cry for those who believe to make this dark world a place where, finally, “the lion and lamb shall lie down together” and “the light will shine in the darkness.”
So into the early morning darkness the two of us walk: myself and a border collie whose thoughts and questions can force me to see the world, not as it is but as God wants it to be. She should know: one of her ancestors was present when the call to bring peace on earth was given. I told her I’m hoping and I’m listening and I will try harder. And I know I have been graced and loved; forgiven and redeemed. She smiled (she really does, you know), and just wished me a Merry Christmas!
Fr. Joe