Thursday Reflection 5.17.18

Thursday Reflection                                                                                                             

May 17, 2018

Last week, I pulled an “all-nighter” that I am sure many of you as parents have experienced.  You all know I love our border collie, but …

So for reasons that will never be explained and at a time that has yet to be ascertained with certitude, Abby ate something she should not have!  And did she ever get sick.  Just after midnight, when all of us “normal” humans are now heading into fitful “r.e.m.” sleep, she awakens in terrible distress, and literally drags me outside into the night (where the deer roam, the coyote prey, the bears hide out, and who knows what else is out there) where she manically consumes what seemed to be tons of grass.  Bottom line – in a very short time, she was soooo sick, and retching every (any) where (on porch, stairs, beds, people).

After this self-purging, I tried to be a good doggie dad, and sat up with her for some time, just petting this now clearly repentant (for NOW at least) but helpless little creature.  Eventually she fell back to sleep.

I did not!  I sat up for most of that night, listening to the sounds of the darkness.  I had to reaffirm that no one should ever face the fears of pain and sickness alone – how we need the company of others, and that there is a reason why Jesus mentions in his great judgment parable that we will be blessed because “I was sick and you visited me.”

 When one cannot return to sleep and avoids early morning T.V¸ then one can appreciate the gift of silence.  There is so much noise in our lives.  No wonder it is difficult to focus on what is truly important.

Sometimes instead of “doing” anything, we need to take time to be silent and just “be.”   When I realized that I was so wired and concerned that I wouldn’t be returning to sleep, I tried to work on a sermon for a week or so from now.  (The outline of this document is now in the trash – as it truly was rubbish after I re-read it a day later).   Sometimes we just need the quiet, and we need to take it when the time is provided.  We need to take it even if the cause was the naughty behavior of one of God’s loveable but not always bright creatures.  When was the last time you had quiet time?  When was the last time you took some “quiet time?”


–Fr. Joe