Welcome to St. John’s Episcopal Parish

Rev. Joseph J. Campo

Rev. Joseph J. Campo

As the rector of our parish, it is my privilege to welcome each person who blesses us by  arriving here. This is a community of spiritual seekers – some seeking a family of prayer and support, some who simply need to find their way through life’s journeys as a believer in  Jesus.

Spend a little time with us. Explore this website. Come and worship. Ask questions. Seek comfort. Give to those who have so much less than we. As Jesus declared, “Come and see.”

Our Episcopal tradition is a wonderfully open one. Everyone is welcome to join us in worship, to live as the Lord directs us and to make that pilgrimage from the font (at baptism) to the table (as we are nourished by the presence of Christ in the Holy  Eucharist).

We’re brothers and sisters in the Lord. We are often joy-filled, often struggling. We set high expectations for ourselves but, like most humans, often fall short and need the Lord’s forgiveness.

“Blessed be God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
And blessed be His kingdom, now and forever. Amen”

This small prayer begins our Eucharist services at St. John’s and St. Paul’s each week, and it reveals something of who and what we are. We’re a community of persons who praise the Triune God and try to live so that, as we pray in the Lord’s Prayer: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

We welcome you to this journey.

 Rev. Joseph J. Campo