The wardens and vestry members are elected by the congregation and work closely with the Rector in the administration of the parish on many different levels, including:

  • Assisting the Rector in promoting the spiritual welfare of the congregation
  • Aiding the Rector in setting and accomplishing goals for the parish
  • Acting as agent and legal representative in matters concerning property
  • Maintaining buildings, grounds and furnishings
  • Overseeing the finances of the parish
  • Maintaining records, annual reports, budgets
  • Recruiting, encouraging and guiding candidates for Holy Orders
  • Serving as a “Council of Advice” for the Rector when requested
  • Calling a Rector if there is a vacancy

We are extremely grateful to the following parishioners, who are currently serving in these all-important positions:

Wardens: Cynthia Chandler and Claudia Nerreau

Vestry Members:  Peter Bates,  Jenny Cox,  Stephen King, Eileen O’Halloran , John Ricketts, Laurie Wiegand

Clerk of the Vestry:  Ann Klotz


Bylaws Amended Nov. 15, 2016